Ian Asbjornsen

Writer | Director

Ian Asbjornsen

Not Immune

Not Immune follows a man who knows that he should not get back with his boyfriend, but cannot help himself when the boyfriend charms his way back into the main character’s life. Back together, their relationship is passionate and chaotic as always, as represented through beautiful original choreography. But the relationship is as toxic as it is enthralling, and in the end, our main character is left alone once again.


Best Short Dance Film
New Renaissance Film Festival Amsterdam (March 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Sep 2017, Palm Springs CA)

3rd International Coventry LGBTQ Film Festival (May 2018, Coventry, United Kingdom)

Queen City Film Festival (Aug 2017, Cumberland, MD)

Sol Summer Party (Jul 2017, Cleveland, OH)

Nominated Best Music Video
Director’s Cut Film Festival (Nov 2017, Vancouver, Canada)

  • Role Director

  • For Short Film

  • Date 2016

  • Length 4 min

  • Genre Dance

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